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C O M M E N T on 507-403-7035

« Automated call saying this is the IRS headquarters and an IRS agent is waiting for my call back.

C O M M E N T on 226-664-9637

« It came in several times on land line np message left

Our Intent

Our intent with this website is to give you the ability to find about any caller.
In addition to that, we believe in educating people about scams. We were deeply shocked to learn about scammers' sometimes INSANE methods.
Here is an exerpt from this article on a chilling recent scam scheme, from GlobalAntiScam.Org:

The Relationship-building Manipulation Techniques
Used by Scammers to Charm and Abuse You

  1. Develop long-term relationships with targets on dating apps and social media
  2. Accompany targets to a sham online investment platform --a website, a phone app, or increasingly now, a decentralized app. The sham platform has a live customer service chat.
  3. Come up with various scenarios to make victims deposit more and more funds into the sham platform. The relationship scammer, supposedly also invested together with the victim, pressures him/her to keep up, often lending money to the victim's fake account inside the sham platform.
  4. The relationship scammer, the customer service, and the website disappear once the victims realize that they cannot withdraw anymore, no matter how much fees they paid.