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Special Cleanskin screening on June 30th!


Mrs. Ray from the UK sent me following email.

We run (all of us volunteers, I might add!) our local community cinema, which is, basically, once a month in the local village church hall, 4 miles along the coast from Brighton, East Sussex.

It's a proper 35mm reel screening and a big screen and cinema sound system, brought to us by our regular professional touring cinema people; and we'll be having a proper old-fashioned interval in the middle :-) for ice-creams, coffee, wine, etc.

As 'Cleanskin' wasn't a massive release at the mainstream cinemas (and our daughter Jenny Ray was the Art Director), we thought we'd show it this month. 

We've got the director, Hadi Hajaig coming down, who will have a pre-screening discussion, together with Jenny.  We did ask Sean's agent if he would be available but, unfortunately, he's not in the UK that weekend.

Anyway, we thought we'd contact you, in case any of your membership would be interested in coming down to see it.  It's a cracking film:  Sean's on very good form. Tickets are £5.50 each, available from  (scroll down until you get to Saltdean). There's a small fee for buying tickets online.

We've had a fair bit of publicity so far and we expect the tickets to sell quickly, so if anyone is interested, they should buy their tickets now: and they should definitely not travel without having purchased one, as the venue is limited to 130 people.

See attached flyer, click for full size!

DVD and BluRay release

The release will be on July 2nd, 2012.Now available for pre-oder on Amazon

Cleanskin Screening in London, March 5th

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Cleanskin reviews

Wild Birds

Bean’s wild birds

With a CV that boasts starring roles in The Lord of the Rings and the James Bond film GoldenEye, Sean Bean is now courted by casting agents.

The actor has, however, a rather modest ambition. “I’m interested in doing a wildlife show, but nothing like Springwatch, as that’s pretty boring”, he says at the premiere of Cleanskin at the Mayfair Hotel.

He adds: “I would like to do something adventurous. A show with birds of prey would be good.”

Sean on TV!

Sean has appeared on the Jonathan Ross show this weekend (25th February 2012) @ 9:20 ITV, he will be talking about his career and the new film "Cleanskin".  If you want to see the video; have a look at the Video gallery!

Here are some screencaps I took from the clip. Click for full size. More to find in the Photogallery, 'Television appearances.

Update - offered by The UK Film Studio PLC

Cleanskin has been purchased by Warner Brothers and it will be on general release n cinemas on the 9th March 2012. It is pretty much sold everywhere internationally and there will be a lot of PR coming up involving Sean in lead up to the release.

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 IMDB page for Cleanskin


Articles on Cleanskin

New Trailer

Thank you Pudge, for the heads up!

Movie poster and article

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Sean Bean will save us


The British Film Distribution Association have Cleanskin listed for cinema release on March 9th 2012 in the UK.

Salt Magazine article

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Trailer for Cleanskin

UK Film Studio

Some additional information about the film

UK Film Studio

Articles on Cleanskin

Interview with Sean on Cleanskin

 Sean Bean praises Cleanskin script

Lord Of The Rings actor Sean Bean is set to appear in the indie movie Cleanskin before the turn of the year and he has revealed why he agreed to take the role. Sean states that the main reason behind his decision was the fact that the script was so well written and very interesting.

Bean explained, “Well, I got involved when my agent sent me a script that Hadi had brought and I thought it was very intelligent and a very thoughtful kind of script and it dealt with the issues facing us today, with terrorism that affects everybody's lives - a constant threat, as it were, or so we're told. And it is just something I have found really interesting, you know. I find it very interesting politically and socially.”

He then went on to discuss his character in Cleanskin, “I thought it was a very well written piece. I liked the character. He's a bit of a loner. You don't know very much about him and he seems to have- his mission is to capture these terrorists and stop them from doing what they're doing. It also has a bit of an edge to it, that it is a personal vendetta to some extent. So, it gives that added edge to his mission as it were.”

Sean Bean has already been involved in filming some rather big movies this year, including the untitled Tarsem Singh Snow White movie and also the Silent Hill sequel.Sean also has  a couple more impressive projects lined up for the future with the retelling of the classic Peter Pan Tale in the film Pan and the film The Magnificent Eleven. In the meantime, Cleanskin should be released before the end of the year.


Film News


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First Shots Of Sean Bean In Hadi Hajaig's Anti-Terrorism Thriller CLEANSKIN

A few years back director Hadi Hajaig was all over the pages of Twitch thanks to his film Puritan, a supernatural thriller starring Lock Stock's Nick Moran. It was little seen for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with quality but suffice it to say that I kind of love this film and have been anxiously awaiting whatever Hajaig would do next.

And here it is.
Sean Bean, Charlotte Rampling and Michelle Ryan star in Cleanskin, an action-thriller featuring Bean as an anti-terrorism agent. Details are being kept scarce for now with the official synopsis a fairly Spartan affair:

Ewan is a secret service agent faced with the task of pursuing and eliminating a suicide bomber and his terrorist cell.

But details or no, I know that I love the idea of Bean in this sort of material - particularly with a strong support cast and a director as visually strong as Hajaig at the helm.


Den of Geek! interview

A great interview on the Cleanskin set here

Cleanskin Interview

As the snow fell over Elephant and Castle in December HeyUGuys ducked out of the cold to catch up with  Sean Bean on the set of his latest film Cleanskin. Whilst writer, director and producer Hadi Hajaig and the crew busied themselves against the weather and all odds setting up various impressive stunts and action-packed scenes, Sean told us a bit more about his role and the story behind Cleanskin…

 What is Cleanskin all about?

 It’s essentially about terrorism and anti-terrorism. I play a character called Ewan Keane who has a lot of experience in that kind of work through MI5 and MI6. He’s a soldier – he’s been over to Iraq and to the Middle East and seen some pretty shocking things in his time. In a sense, his is a personal vendetta despite his professional approach.  He’s seen many people die at the hand of terrorism and his main aim in life is to correct that and rectify the situation. He’s very driven in that sense but he’s a very lonely man. He doesn’t have any attachments, he lives alone and he’s not got a social life as such. He’s anonymous.

 Ewan has seen a lot of trauma then, how did you prepare for the role?

 Mostly by gleaning what I could from reading the script very closely and talking to Hadi about his research. That and my research, reading up on the current state of things…  You only need to read the papers to realize the social and political situation and the questions and arguments surrounding these issues. Whether it’s right or wrong it’s always with us and it’s definitely something which affects us all.

 Terrorism has become a highly topical issue and there is a real emphasis upon it in today’s culture, how do you think this might affect Cleanskin’s reception?

 Hopefully in a positive way because Cleanskin is an interesting and intelligent film.  It’s action-packed without being heavy-handed and it’s entertaining but thoughtful. I think people will be able to identify with all of the characters including my character and Abhin’s character Ash who are practically polar opposites. Whatever way you look at it you’ll have an opinion one way or another and it’s a very mixed up situation which has been going on for years and years… It’s a battle which travels right back to Richard the Lion Heart and the Crusades and that ideological and religious conflict hasn’t ever really gone away. It’s nothing new in that sense.


 So you’ve played a lot of villains in the past and you were once the defected double agent Alec Trevelyan but in Cleanskin you’re the hero, what’s it like playing the good guy?


 It’s good (laughs) it’s refreshing! I like playing the bad guy, the bad guy got me a lot of work and a lot of exposure.

 It must be good fun being bad?

 It is! You can push the boat out and really go to town. They’re very meaty, juicy parts sometimes but I like to try and mix it up and I’ve played some pretty decent people recently which I’m quite pleased about. Ewan is an anti-hero in some sense as he can be very brutal in his methods in order to get what he wants.

Are there any impressive stunts we can look forward to in Cleanskin?

The film is quite physical. We set the stuntman Peter on fire not too long ago and he was running around like a fire ball! Some of the action is quite disturbing and brutal in order to show the methods needed to counteract the terrorist action. Fighting fire with fire really but the plot kind of leaves things open.  I like this script because it’s very open-ended. It’s up to you to make your mind up and for the audience to see how they feel.

Do you get to perform any of your own stunts?

 Most of the time. If it’s really dodgy stuff like jumping off the top of huge buildings or being set on fire I’m happy to get somebody else who knows what they’re doing to do it! I’ve done a lot of sword-fighting and horse-riding and I enjoy that very much.

Which of your recent projects are you most looking forward to seeing come out?

Well, Cleanskin obviously!

Do you enjoy being involved in British cinema?

 It’s always nice to be at home and I enjoy working with a British crew, I feel more comfortable around them, also there’s nobody shouting! Sometime you get crews in America who tend to like shouting a lot in order to get things moving whereas these guys (gestures towards the set) just get on with the job.  It’s small and more intimate on set and I think you do some of your better work on these of films. Just haven’t got enough money! (laughs)

 You’ve come from theatre and film but are you making more of a move into TV?

 I’ll just see what comes up really. I don’t have a set game plan and I like the surprise of what comes up. I’d never say no to an invitation to come back on stage for a good play and a good director with a good script because that’s a truly exhilarating experience. It’s rather different from the situation we’re in now where it’s snowing and we’re not doing anything at all! (laughs) We’re just hanging around.

 Are there any characters you’d revisit if you could?

 I’d have to say Macbeth which I played on stage in the West End. It was always a role I’d have liked to play in a film. I think there was an attempt at one point but unfortunately it all fell through.

 Are you looking forward to Christmas and the New Year?

 I finish tomorrow and I’m just going to have a bit of a break to be honest. I’ve been running around so many places, the Ukraine, Norway, South Africa, Ireland, and all over the place! I’ve hardly been at home this year so I’m looking forward to spending a little time with the kids.

  Cleanskin will be showing at Cannes Film Festival in May 2011.

On Set with Sean Bean for Cleanskin



Sean Bean and Charlotte Rampling are teaming for the £1.5m London-set terrorist thriller "Cleanskin" for UK Film Studios says Screen Daily.

Bean plays a secret service agent chasing a suicide bomber (Abbin Galeya) and the terrorist cell he's connected to. Ruth Wilson and James Fox also star.

 Hadi Hajaig ("Puritan") penned the script and is both directing and producing. A six-week shoot is currently underway in London.

Nice clips and a long interview!

Thanks to Toastie!

Cleanskin filming in London

Daniel's picture with Sean

Daniel was an extra in Cleanskin. He kindly allowed me to post the picture. Read more at his blog:  here


Calender Interview 12/08/2010

Thanks to Southernbelle!



IMDB entry


A spy film

 Starring Sean Bean, Charlotte Rampling, et al. CLEAN SKIN is a thriller following the lives and actions of two men: Ash , an MI5 agent and leader of a terrorist cell, is about to commit his most final and brutal act. ASH as a terrorist, is an unknown to the intelligence community as he is "Clean Skin", someone with no known ties to terrorism. Ewan (Bean), a fellow agent, determined to hunt down the terrorist cell, will stop at nothing to destroy him. Written by Punch Malloy

Screencaps from the Calender Interview

Again; thanks to Southernbelle

Sean Bean, Charlotte Rampling to star in terrorist thriller

Sean Bean and Charlotte Rampling head up the cast of London based terrorist thriller Cleanskin

 Sean Bean, Charlotte Rampling have signed up to star in terrorist thriller Cleanskin, which is currently shooting in London.

 The £1.5m film, about a secret service agent (Bean) chasing a suicide bomber (Abhin Galeya) and his terrorist cell, is being directed and produced by Hadi Hajaig for his production company UK Film Studios. Ruth Wilson and James Fox are also starring in the film.

Hajaig, who directed the 2005 film Puritan with Nick Moran, also wrote the screenplay as well as raising the finances for the project through the EIF taxbreak system.

The film, which according to Hajaig has shades of Taxi Driver and French Connection, is shooting for 6 weeks in and around London.

Screen Daily article



Experience Required:Extras Gender Required:Any Expiry Date:Dec 19th 2009 Casting Details:Leading London Extras Agency are looking to submit various extras for Clean Skin, feature film starring Sean Bean.

CLEAN SKIN is a thriller following the lives and actions of two men.
ASH who is about to face his most final and brutal act and EWAN ( SEAN BEAN) who will stop at nothing to destroy him.

Extras will be required from the 1st February 2010 for 6 weeks filming in and around London.

Equity rates apply.

Angelstages casting

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